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YAY! I made it through to the final round of disneystllness's LIMS!
And in celebration of that I made a new layout; and because of that I got into making some natalie portman icons! and then I got really into and made some kelly clarkson icons and...::sigh::. I'm such a bad procrastinator, I should be studying for the PSATs...oh well. anyway, here I am.

7 // natalie portman
6 // kelly clarkson
6 // harry potter

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

natalie portman
01Image hosted by Photobucket.com02Image hosted by Photobucket.com03Image hosted by
04Image hosted by Photobucket.com05Image hosted by Photobucket.com06Image hosted by
07Image hosted by

kelly clarkson
08Image hosted by Photobucket.com09Image hosted by Photobucket.com10Image hosted by
11Image hosted by Photobucket.com12Image hosted by Photobucket.com13Image hosted by

harry potter
14Image hosted by Photobucket.com15Image hosted by Photobucket.com16Image hosted by
17Image hosted by TinyPic.com18Image hosted by Photobucket.com19Image hosted by

these icons are my favorites out of all of the icons i've ever made, so i'll be particularly strict with the rules.

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// don't hotlink
// credit either a_mermaid_jane or tilted_smile
// if you like the icons, please join the community =D

please let me know which styles you guys like, so I can continue to make them =)
Tags: harry potter
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