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tilted_smile's Journal

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This is the icon journal of a_mermaid_jane.
Here you can & will find all of my icons, headers, wallpapers, and in the future my brushes and gradients etc. If you like my graphics, go ahead and join and/or friend the community, I really don't prefer either one. My only thing is that you read the rules and stick to them; I do not think that it is too much to ask that if you take my icons to credit, I see it as manners. lol. anyway, thanks for stopping by, and hope you enjoy all of my graphics!

r u l e s

1 CREDIT. if you don't know how, figure it out. no one likes a stealer. please credit either tilted_smile or a_mermaid_jane 2 DON'T HOTLINK. when you hotlink you're stealing my bandwith, and it drives me up the wall when my stuff doesn't show up. be nice. 3 COMMENT. If you decide that you like my stuff enough to use it (thank you!), then please comment so I a) know who's using my stuff b) know what people like and c) continue to make great stuff for you! 4 Please, go ahead and FRIEND the community. Joining is closed because people who were joining were't friending and visa versa, and well, you can blame OCD if you want, but yes, joining is closed, but friending is not!

r e s o u r c e s

all of my resources can be found here.

note:there have been times where totally without thinking i've downloaded stuff, whether it be images or brushes from somewhere, and totally forgotten to favorite the site, so i have no idea where it has come from. so please, if you see anything that you suspect may be yours, just leave me a comment, and i'll be more than happy to give you your credit. =D